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Wild Food Primer
John Kallas, Ph.D., Author

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The Wild Food Primer...
Is your step by step guide to successfully learning about and using wild edible plants. It explains how to get started, successful experimentation, principles to live by, how to choose the right books, finding the best instructor or instructor alternatives in your area, using wild food resources like the library or the Internet, and proper gathering etiquette. Includes a carefully selected 42 book bibliography covering edibility information, plant identification, recipe books, sea vegetables, poisonous plants, medicinal plants, ethnobotany, and cultural foodways. While NOT a field guide, this booklet is an essential learning tool for beginning to advanced foragers. Want to enjoy early and continuing successes in your wild food endeavors?
- Let the Wild Food Primer be your guide.

Who Will Find it Useful...

Who are interested in learning about wild foods will find the Primer an excellent starting point. It is simple, direct, and easy to understand.

Wild Food Instructors...
Will find that the Primer provides both content and structure to improve their teaching approach and add to their credibility.

Who are studying about, doing projects, or writing papers related to wild foods will find the Primer an excellent starting point. The Primer provides definitions and other information that can be quoted, as well as guidance on how to begin researching the topic.

Academic Researchers...
Will find the Primer a useful frame of reference. The perspectives offered will provide insights into uses of plants. Some of the references might also be found useful.
Serious researchers might also want to check the
Index to Back Issues of the Wild Food Adventurer newsletter. The newsletter contains detailed information about many plant species. Serious researchers might also want to contact Dr. Kallas for technical consultations.

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