Midwest Wild Harvest Festival

- Wisconsin Badger Camp -
Prairie du Chien, WI
September 11 - 13, 2015

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North American Wild Food Events

Midwest Wild Harvest Festival
This wild food focused event provides education and experience finding, processing, and feasting on edible wild plants and other foragables in a beautiful camp setting. Founded by wild food author and teacher Sam Thayer and now run independently by his wife Melissa Price, this event employs a similar motif to the long running events: the West Virginia Nature Wonder Wild Food Weekend, and the North Carolina Wild Foods Weekend. The Midwest Wild Harvest Festival is open to anyone from beginning to advanced foragers. A group of diverse instructors provide workshop options for registrants. And like all these wild food weekends, there are ample opportunities to make friends, discuss wild foods, learn and play.

Over the weekend there are a total of about 8.5 hours of outdoor workshops and activities, a keynote speaker on Friday evening and a two hour open forum where participants share their wild food experiences and knowlege. There is a wild food potluck dinner on Friday night prior to the Keynote presentation. Participants can enter a contest for the best wild food dishes. There is general playfulness and music after dinner on Saturday night.

For 2015, John Kallas of Wild Food Adventures will be giving the Keynote presentation, at least one nature walk and 3 workshops. The exact content is to be decided soon. Other presenters include Sam Thayer, Mike Krebill, Leda Meredith, Ellen Zachos, and others.

Five meals are provided starting with the Friday evening wild food potluck and ending with Sunday morning breakfast. The Friday potluck is all about wild foods, the remaining meals are healthy organic conventional foods peppered with wild foods when possible. Meals are prepared by staff and served in an indoor dining hall.

Participants can choose to camp or stay in a dorm at the facility at no extra charge.

For people 13 on up registration runs from $125 - $150, depending on when you register. Children 5-12 range from $75 - $100. Children under 5 attend for free. Always check the official web site below for current pricing. The lower cost cut off point is August 1, 2015

Event Information
Melissa Price
N8759 Breakneck Rd, Birchwood, WI 54817
Official Web Site:

Location Information
The Wisconsin Badger Camp
11815 Munz Ln, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Registration Form Information

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Outdoor Meeting

Managing a Press

Discussing Sumac and Honey

A "Typical" Schedule for the
Midwest Wild Harvest Festival

 2:00 pm: Registration Begins
 3:00 pm: Workshop
 6:30 pm: Dinner
 8:00 pm: Welcome & Introductions
 8:15 pm: Keynote Speaker: A Wild Food Expert Shares Their Wisdom

 7:00 am: Breakfast
 9:00 am: Workshops and Kid's Activities
11:45 am: Lunch
 1:00 pm: Workshops and More Children's Activities
 5:30 pm: Dinner
 7:00 pm: Music & Fun

 7:30 am: Breakfast
 9:00 am: Open Forum Sharing Wild Food Knowledge & Experience
10:00 am: Worship or Social Time
12:10 pm: Form Next Year's Committee and Provide Input

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